Air compressors are often the single most significant source of energy and they are also one of the largest expenses, both in terms of maintenance costs and purchase. They are normally available in a horsepower of three-quarters or larger and may have air tanks with up to an 80-gallon tank. Model and features of an air compressor vary among brands and models.
The growth of air compressor market is mainly driven by the advent of energy efficient air compressors, which are available. Furthermore, significant demands from oil & gas and home appliances industries, the constant advent of a new product with innovative technology by the manufacturer are some of the factors estimated to propel the growth of air compressor market. Next-generation compressed air systems with low maintenance and an eco-friendly feature are foreseen to support shift demand from traditional equipment to modern technology. However, prices of raw material are significantly mounting which may impact air compressor market.Nonetheless, increasing demand from construction industry is expected to open up alluring opportunities for air compressor market in the analysis period.

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