Right now we're just talking about AM4 boards, but with the high-end AMD Threadripper CPUs now very much in consideration, we're going to have to be including the expensive TR4 / X399 boards in the conversation as well. Though maybe not so much on the gaming side as that's not really what AMD's new megachips are for.
Motherboard glossary of terms
The motherboard itself, however, doesn’t have the great impact on overall performance that it once did. Since more and more of the key componentry has been brought onboard the processor there isn’t a whole lot left for the mobo to do. AMD have really only got themselves to blame as they kicked that whole process off by flipping the industry on its head and bringing the memory controller on-die many moons ago.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can buy any ol’ AMD motherboard with a compatible AM4 socket for your Ryzen chip – there are a bunch of other things you’ll need to take into account before finding the forever home for your new CPU. Do you have a PCIe SSD? Do you want / aspire to run a multi-GPU rig? Do you want to build a micro machine PC? These are all questions you’ll want answers to. And that’s why you go to the experts…

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